Visa Center

Pacific offers full support for foreigners and Brazilians to obtain documents, work permits and permanent visas in Brazil and abroad, as well as the application of the following visas:

  • Work Visa;
  • Permanent Visa;
  • Investor´s Visa;
  • Technical Visa;
  • Student Visa;
  • Visa for artists and athletes;
  • Trainee Visa;
  • Visa for working in NGOs;
  • Acquisition of citizenship;
  • Assistance to the request for asylum;
  • Consular Visas (American Visa, Canadian Visa, Chinese Visa, Australian Visa, etc.)
  • Assistance in obtaining documents (RNE , CPF , Driver´s License, Labor Card, certificates, etc...)
  • Support for the recognition of foreign judgments in Brazil.