Pacific Global Mobility Services is a company specialized in integrated services of Global Mobility. Its creation was due to the market need of a service provider which analyses all aspects of an individual´s international moving and the internationalization aspects of national and transnational companies workforce.

The company is driven by a 360 degree view of the expatriation process, by integrating immigration, tax, labor, logistics and business aspects of an international assignment.

The adoption of the concept one stop shop allows Pacific to meet, in its totality, the requirements of an global mobility office. The integration of this wide scope of work confers a high degree of accuracy to the most complex operations of the mobilization of workforce.

our vision

The view of Pacific is to become an international reference in providing integrated global mobility services.

our mission

Our mission is to provide the service of global mobility in an integrated and sustainable manner, providing greater comfort and safety for our customers, partners and employees.

Pacific Values

Ethics – Pacific always operates observing the honesty in trade, coming to meet the ethical principles, the Brazilian Law and the International rules.

Commitment – The company seeks to meet with high adaptability and commitment the different industry segments, making the success of its customers its main business.

Sustainability – To Pacific, self-growth comes together with the growth of its customers, suppliers, partners and employees. The company operates in a transparent way in the market, seeking to contribute to community development, practicing citizenship and social responsibility.

Competitiveness – The culture and view of Pacific provides their customers a major comparative advantage in the global mobility industry, making the company a strong reference in the provision of its services.

areas of expertise

  • Automotive;
  • Education;
  • Energy;
  • Entertainment;
  • Finance;
  • Government;
  • Mining;
  • Navigation;
  • Tourism.